Please peruse our website featuring highlights, tours, photos (ours and yours), and facts including 1 web page dedicated to each air- and spacecraft in the collection. Then get here! According to our visitors and 1450+ excellent ratings on TripAdvisor (we rank in the Top 10% WORLDWIDE!), Pima Air & Space is a MUST SEE:

  • SR-71: Gaze… up at the sinister supersonic SR-71 spyplane while your soul rumbles to its engine roar (see its photo on this page);
  • "Freedom One": Connect… to "Freedom One" the VC-137B that carried 52 Americans, held hostage in Iran for 444 days, home;
  • Bumble Bee: Chuckle… at the world's smallest bi-plane (Guinness confirmed), the Starr Bumble Bee;
  • C-46D: Fathom… mid-20th century marvels: how a massive metal vessel—with a full payload—could fly over the "Hump"/the world's tallest mountain range, the Himalayas;
  • B-36: Observe... how another's wingspan is 230 feet—100 feet further than the Wright Brother's first flight;
  • C-54: Imagine... how relatively "small" cargo planes could deliver 5,000 TONS of life essentials: food and fuel (and chocolate);
  • VC-118A: Admire… trusted "rides" that carried presidents and dignitaries;
  • Super Guppy: Marvel... at the plane that carried Saturn-rocket fuselages and most recently the huge Hubble Telescope;
  • NB-52A: Ponder... craft that launched astronauts to the limits, caused irreparable devastation, and, with the selfless dedication of many, secured liberty and fostered hope;
  • Let kids' imaginations soar… at plane and helicopter cockpit controls, even a control "tower," digging through "Martian" soil, landing on the moon, docking Gemini (this is no mere video game)…
  • The "Boneyard:" Cruise… amidst 4,000+ grounded planes (more than you could find on entire continents) on an American Air Force Base via our exclusive "Boneyard"/AMARG Bus Tour (separate fee, ID and reservations required, week days only);
  • Evaluate… "recycled" WWII planes used as canvases by renowned contemporary artists including Brazilian graffiti artist Nunca, Kenny Scharf, Nosm, Retna, Saner, Faile and Andrew Schoultz;

and more. The museum, in general, is a giant recycling center: reusing/creating a link to history, honoring the heroes, inspiring young aviators and scientists. In a word: WOW!

You could say the aircraft and artifacts speak for themselves until one of our dedicated and friendly docents, many retired pilots and crew, make "history take flight" with personal anecdotes, terrific yet terrifying tales and scientific wonders. We strive to entertain and educate as we preserve the past with any eye for the future. Plan a day to explore it, we recommend 2! Just like this blogger from Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine did.  Pima Air & Space Museum: just plane awesome!