Do you have a fascination for flight and enjoy meeting and working with like-minded people from around the world? The museum is always open to new volunteers joining us. Our policy is to match volunteers with their specific interest (as much as is possible). We welcome year-round and winter residents alike.

The volunteer program is open to all qualified individuals with an interest in preserving the history of flight and a commitment to the museum, its goals and its mission.


  1. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator to reserve your spot in Orientation.
  2. Attend Orientation (1 hour). For additional information see below.
  3. Read the provided materials, take the tours, and pass the test.
  4. Volunteers must complete a background check before volunteering at the Museum.
  5. Fill in the "application" (see below) aka, Volunteer Biography. Pay the minimal application processing fee and order your uniform (if needed).
  6. Attend training.
  7. Sign up for “duty.” Have fun sharing the enthusiasm and awesomeness of the Arizona Aerospace Foundation!
  8. Check out the Volunteer Coordinator’s emails for new, amazing volunteer opportunities.



Below are brief descriptions of the teams and other activities that volunteers fulfill at the Pima Air & Space Museum. Team tasks are of varying degrees of difficulty. Training materials and hands-on training are provided for all areas.

hangar 1 tour
SPACE tour
390th tourt
ww11 hangar tour
Outdoor tour
SPACE exhibit
Hangar 4 exhibit


We hold free new-volunteer orientation sessions for both the Titan Missile and the Pima Air & Space Museums at the Pima Air & Space Museum one Saturday a month. Orientation gives you an overview of the Foundation's volunteer program and how you can participate. To attend the New Volunteer Orientation class, please RSVP to the Volunteer Coordinator at 520 618-4821 or email us.

Training is provided for volunteer positions that require technical knowledge, and there are volunteer opportunities that require no knowledge of aviation whatsoever.

Orientation takes about an hour and starts at 9:30am. Please park in the first parking lot to your right as you enter the museum grounds and proceed in to the John R. Stitt Education Center classroom (the far-left door of the cream-colored administrative building). There will be a directional sign posted.

After the orientation briefing, you are encouraged to begin the self-guided portion of your orientation by taking the walking tour of Pima, taking a tram tour, visiting the 390th Memorial Museum, the Titan Missile Museum, etc.

Take a look at the volunteer opportunities listed on our Volunteer page. If you think you might enjoy serving on one of our teams, please join us at the next orientation (you must call the Volunteer Coordinator to find out the date and reserve a spot).

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with us and helping to enrich our visitors' experience at our museums.