Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame Nomination Form







Nominees may be anyone, living or deceased, domiciled in Arizona at any time, whose achievements or contributions to aeronautics and/or astronautics (aerospace) have brought special recognition and credit to themselves and to the State of Arizona and the Nation.  Anyone can nominate a candidate. 

This form must be submitted electronically; paper copies mailed to the AAF Executive Director will not be accepted.

Photographs and Supporting Documentation:  This data must be in a digital format and emailed to Each nomination should be accompanied by at least one photo of the nominee, and digital copies of references such as news articles, publications, books, certificates, or other printed material verifying nominee’s accomplishments.  Submitted information should be identified by item. Items which are not “digital friendly” will be accepted by mail if coordinated and pre-arranged with the Hall of Fame staff to include the terms of storage and their return if appropriate.

Please print/type information with clarity.  The information requested is limited to not more than one page for each paragraph listed below. Additional information can be included as supporting documentation and will be retained for retrieval and review as requested by the reviewing committees.



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